Monday, February 14, 2011

Pretty Pocket Packages

The Saturday before Valentine’s Day I was in Staples and found these huge bags of paper clips for $2.50. I go through a lot of clips at work, and I thought that these would be so much fun. I also thought it would be neat to share some with my
co-workers for Valentine’s Day.  Plus, the clips have way less calories than candy. 
 I started putting them in party bags, but then I decided to try a little craft project.

I made these little cloth pockets out of material from JoAnne Fabrics. I thought about sewing them, but this was a very last minute project, and I didn’t have time to hand sew 11 pockets. Instead, I just hot glued them.

While making them I discovered that I need a good pair of sewing scissors. My scrapbooking scissors left a lot of jagged edges and frayed ends. However, I think pockets still came out really cute. They have a crafty, folksy feel.

I used some pretty, pink ribbon to embellish the front flap (and to hide some super jagged edges). I used Valentine’s Day glitter stickers to close the pockets. These were a last minute improvisation. If I do this again I would use snaps, buttons, or Velcro for closures, so they could be closed again.

I brought them to work today, and they were a big hit!

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  1. You were also so crafty, well done!

    I love that you are now blogging, or at least that I found it. I just found this app on my phone, you might already know it, myfitnesspal, they also have a website, but so easy to use the phone app. Just an fyi, I'm working to bring off holiday weight--although I was never a small one. Allie