Friday, December 31, 2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A .Lush Gift Basket

This is an awesome gift basket that my friend Julie gave me for Christmas. My endless jabbering about my love for Lush products (we don’t have a store anywhere close) clearly made an impression, because when she found Lush products on a November trip she new I’d flip out.  She was absolutely correct :).

Since Lush uses minimal packaging, these products were not labeled. I tried to ID them from the website, but I’m not sure on how accurate I am.

I think this is the Think Pink Bath Bomb. It smells really sweet, and I can’t wait to see what it does to my bath. I like to cut my bath bombs and bubble bars to get a few baths out of them.

My excellent detective skills have led me to believe that this is the Flosty Gritter (No, this is not a typo, Lush products have cute, sassy names) Bubble Bar. It smells like flowers and candy. I have already cut a piece off. It bubbled a lot, and underneath the heaps of white foam my bathwater was pink!   

This is a body butter. I haven’t figure out which one yet. There are several that look alike.

In addition to the Lush products Julie filled the basket with a ton of shiny, sparkly ornaments. This basket was the perfect gift for someone who is addicted to sparkles. Thanks Girl!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And Here I go...

Until very recently I had no idea of how much cool stuff existed out in the blogosphere. After hearing my friends talk about blogs they liked, I wanted to see what I was missing. I started off with blogs suggested by my friends, and soon discovered that one blog leads to another, and another, and so on… I have spent entire nights blog-hopping. It is so addicting.

 I have become especially addicted to several “crafty blogs” I have been so inspired by others’ blogs that I have decided to start my own. However, I’m not entirely sure how inspiring I will be.

In trying to decide what kind of blog I wanted this to be, I decided I would just blog about the stuff I love. So you can expect to see entries about books, shopping, plays, crafts, food, and (of course) you can expect to see lots of sparkles.