Thursday, January 13, 2011

Me and My Camera

I love my camera! I take pictures all of the time! In fact, I do believe that some of my friends and colleagues would probably say I take too many pictures. Although how can you take too many pictures, really? You can hang them on the wall, put them in scrapbooks, turn them into cards, and on vacay they are free souvenirs. I love pictures and I love my camera.

I bought a really cool camera a couple of years ago. I wanted to post a picture, but I couldn’t figure out how to get my camera to take a picture of itself. Lol. In fact there is a lot I can’t figure out how to get my camera to do. That’s why it’s time I get better acquainted with my beloved camera and it’s many features.

I really want to be able to take great pictures. I’ve been playing around with lighting, but some of my pictures come out dark, or blurred, or just plain awful.

So, I’ve pulled out the manuals. I do believe that they are the key to unlocking my camera’s hidden secrets.   

Notice that after two years the pages are still crisp. So wrong. Time to crack them open!

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